Polygonal Walls with MEVA Formwork MevaLite
for waste water treatement tanks

Project: North East Waste Water Treatment Plant, North-Eastern Pennsylvania, several tanks with different geometries, including one with two radii

Contractor: E.E. Austin & Son

MEVA Systems: Leight-weight wall formwork MevaLite

Formwork Engineering: MEVA Formwork Systems, Springfield, OH



86’ Diameter Radius with Ease

Construction Company E.E. Austin & Son chose MevaLite for the challenging task of forming several tanks with different geometries, including one with 2 radii. 

Project Manger Mike Dolph states: “We are used to using Steel-ply forms. MevaLite’s flexibility eliminated using multiple formwork systems for the difficult structure. MevaLite has less ties. Uses a lot less hardware. The forms are light. “I hope I never see another Symons panel in my life.” 

The project began in late 2009 and took 1 year to complete. It took 5 pours to form the large round tank. Past experience working with MEVA salesman Pat Coughenour and the efficiency of using MevaLite made the decision for Project Manager Mike Dolph very easy.

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    MEVA Expertise & References

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